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Our Story

Giving our Pups the Tools to Calm Themselves

We are a family of dog lovers with two energetic pups who love our attention. The reality of remote work in the last year allowed us to spend more time with our pets, and, at the same time, made our pups more dependent on us and wanting more attention.

After a series of interrupted meetings and complaints from our neighbors about our pups barking, we had to find a way to teach our pups self-calming techniques to regain our sanity.

We searched far and wide and after several unsuccessful (and expensive) attempts at various training methods, we finally found an easy and economical solution to our problem - a calming pad. This simple licking pad saved our sanity by allowing our pups to self-soothe and become calm in minutes. We use it whenever our dogs demand attention during busy times (like during our business calls) with confidence that our pups are taken care of and at the same time learn how to calm themselves.

We love the Ultimate Calming Pad and wanted to share this secret with all parents of furry children.

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The Ultimate Calming Pad has done wonders for our family and we hope that it will also help you.